Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

Charger Ponsel Nirkabel

Hello, reader ! How are you today? :D 
Aah maaf kalau sekarang jarang nge post. banyak kerjaan.. hehe ( sok sibuk )
N maaf juga kalo post kali ini make bahasa indonesia. Karena yang saya bahas kali ini tentang produk lokal asli indonesia yang membanggakan negeri garuda ini. hehe GO INDONESIA ! * Alibi

Sekarang Bibie mau ngasih tau Info tentang penemuan alat charger ponsel terbaru yang ditemukan oleh peneliti dari Universitas Indonesia, yang mana merupakan salah satu Universitas yang paling kompeten di Indonesia.

Mereka menemukan cara baru dalam mentransmisikan energi listrik melalui media nirkabel ( baca : tanpa kabel ) . Yang mana akan bermanfaat dalam pengisian baterai jarak jauh / udara ( pokoknya ga pakai kabel hehe ) 

Dr Ing Eko Adhi Setiawan, dosen dan peniliti dari Departemen Teknik Elektro Universitas Indonesia mengemukakan bahwa penelitiannya ini digarap dalam waktu 3 tahun, yaitu semenjak tahun 2009.

Selama ini, vendor ponsel asal Amerika Serikat Palm telah melakukan hal yang sama pada produk ponsel pintar mereka, Palm Pre.
Baterai ponsel pintar ini bisa diisi dengan hanya menaruh ponsel ini dengan sebuah dok pengecas tanpa kabel bernama TouchStone. 
Namun, penelitian Eko dan timnya telah berhasil mengaplikasikan pengisian baterai ponsel melalui berbagai media tanpa kabel, seperti melalui udara, air, bahkan dinding beton hingga jarak 60 cm. 
Sebelumnya, untuk pembuktian konsep ini, Eko sempat membuat alat transfer listrik yang bisa menembus air dan beton.

Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Google is Begin the Game on the Field of Operations System and In the Stadium of Notebook

Breaking news friends .. ! : D 
We know that Google Chrome is a "fastest" browser. Right? Apparently, Google now more serious towards the manufacture of the Operating System .. ! Wew! It will be more interesting for us to decide "the choosen one" from the plenty of OS .. There are Windows, Linux, Mac OS, now added one more X)

but don't be surprised first, Google was still giving us a surprise anymore. It turned out that google launched this OS with the original laptop copyrights owned by Google! Want to know the story? see below X)

Officially, Google introduced Chrome based netbook OS to consumers its United States (U.S.), local time Tuesday. There are several specifications that are offered by this notebook.
Claimed by Google, the notebook is cooperate with Verizon which it able to boot less than 10 seconds. Carrying the 12.1-inch screen with full keyboard and touch pad on the other hand, make this notebook more stable.
Launched by TG Daily, Wednesday (12/08/2010), Chrome OS notebook first this will be available for sale by Acer and Samsung in the first half of 2011. Battery strength notebook itself capable of achieving 8 hours and eight days of standby time.
Although will arrive early next year, additional models based on various factors form designed by other vendors, are expected to arrive later this year.
"We haven't yet finished, but the Chrome OS is

Selasa, 23 November 2010

The Negative Impact of Wi-Fi Signals Radiation

Latest news friends .. ! Bibie just read an article today. Then there is news that is really useful (maybe) for us. There is research on the adverse effects of radiation Wi-Fi signal. Wow .. Let's go into the news ..

Research suggests that the tree receives a wi-fi signal is more fragile than humans.

How come?

Research carried out by Wageningen University found that trees growing in areas that have WiFi high activity, especially in residential areas, which do not suffer symptoms similar to symptoms caused by bacteria or viruses.

As quoted from PopSci, 23 November 2010, the symptoms that appear on the tree among them was bleeding, cracks in the skin, the demise of certain parts of the leaves, and abnormal growth.

To test the hypothesis whether the cause of the mysterious illness was caused by radiation, WiFi, researchers using 20 of the ash or Fraxinus and provide various levels of radiation on the trees for 3 months.

Apparently, the WiFi signal exposed trees showed signs of diseases caused by radiation, including colors such as lead in the leaves, which indicates that the leaves will soon die.
As an illustration, in a country like the Netherlands

Senin, 22 November 2010

Tips N Trick : How to Type Super-Fast

It is a normal, if people today faced with computer screens every day. And of course if we're dealing with computers certainly we will also do typing activity. We type for many reasons, such as chat, facebook, tasks, play online games, or anything else. But are we aware of how to type fast? Often times we are typing is always with the same finger (including me hehehe XD). A lot of people who typed everyday only with few fingers only, even those typed by using the system "11 fingers" (right and left index finger, but excluding me :p) . For Example, Are we use our thumbs to type everyday? Just be faithful person, And say, " I don't even use my thumbs to type everyday " ( Oh no i just said it wkwkwk ._____. )

Right, now Bibie want to explain more about " How to Type Super-Fast "

This is the right position to be able to type quickly
Then the tips to be able to type quickly are :

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Tutorial Crazy Kart : How to Drive on Lava Valley

Meet me again .. ! : D after a long time I was not online, finally I can post blogs again ..
In this chapter I will explain about the tips and trick with the title How to Drive On Lava Valley ..

Intro: This map is a map that is unique. because it has a lot of shortcuts, the short shortcut and the main shortcut. Is a map that has a frightening appearance for the drivers who race here, but in fact this map is a map which is fun when we've mastered very well ^^ ( Bibie's record here is 1 : 46 . Still noob .__. )

Just to the Point.. :D

    * As usual, when the race starts try to CS (Counter Steer) cleverly and carefully then your car speed will increase optimally in period of around 2-3 seconds.

    * Try to always close to the wall (but do not get your car stuck to it) and do not widen your drift when in two sharp turns. ( Near the starting line )

    * After we passed the two bends. Then we will see below the jump that there is a very hot lava river. ^ ^ The trick to pass it is to jump on the right. ( Can be with CS or with a normal jump )

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

How to Care Your Laptop Screen

My last post before is about how to care your laptop, right?

Now i'll let you know about tips and steps to care your laptop screen. ( It's more spesific than before )

Just to the Point.. ( Because actually my mastery about languange wasn't good well )

  • Always close your laptop if you don't use it that time. If you want, you can purchase a screen guard to prevent your screen from dust and scratch.
  • Don't ever touch your laptop screen, although by blunt object even by sharp object.
  • Don't spray a spray screen if you don't know how to use it clearly.
  • When your laptop was closed, don't drop something or put something above your laptop. ( Don't make any pressure on the laptop at all ) Especially if your good is very heavy. Don't try this at home.. haha :D
  • Don't close the laptop when there is a particular object between the screen and keyboard. Even a piece of paper stuck between the screen and the keyboard can cause damage to the screen. 
  • Don't close the laptop by way of Slamming
  • To clean the laptop screen, use a soft brush that is designed to clean the LCD from dust.
  • If the brush is not enough, use a soft cloth or tissue in the wetted by liquid. Do not use cleaning fluid containing ammonia or alcohol. Spray cleaning fluid on the cloth first and wipe the screen gently when cleaning. You can also use cleansing tissues, the first use of wet tissue, then use a dry tissue.
  • The liquid cleaner for laptop screens are suggested using the same type of cleaning that is in use on a digital camera screen. This fluid is usually available at the store camera equipment.

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

How To Care Your Laptop

Oke.. Disini Bibie akan belajar sedikit demi sedikit tentang memosting Blog Dengan Standar Internasional ^^.
( Baca : Posting Berbahasa Inggris )

Kita Mulai ya.. Dengan Title : How To Care Your Laptop

    • Always Keep your Laptop Clean, if you have enough money you can purchase cleaning cloths / tools. Dust the screen off lightly and keep the keyboard clean by using air in a can. And Always try to keep out your laptop from feeding and drinking. ( Read : Never Drink and eat around your laptop ) 

    • Keep your laptop out from little children who don't know how to use it.